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Spring 2012 Schedule:

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The Dharma of Eloquence
April 10th - Denver

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March 23rd, 2011 - updated

Where do we Step into The Dane??   

One week ago we celebrated the darkest day of the year, the mid-point of winter, the smallest sun. Traditionally, this time of year is used to establish resolutions for self-improvement and promises of change. This year, let’s shift the language of change and resolution to a conversation of participation and revelation!  Everything in nature has a pattern of beginning, middle, end ~ becoming the next beginning. The question we need to ask ourselves is – Where do we step in to that dance?  This is a new cycle, a new partner ~ How well can we express and joyfully participate? How can we, as stranger, line up with the great story?

In order for the next cycle to be significant, revelatory and potent, two things must be present ~ A sincere depiction, and the ability to sustain.  In other words, before we can get engaged, we have to make a Vow. That inspiring, welcoming, mysterious WOW of the beginning must continue all through the next middle.  This allows us to arch with the ecstatic, where we can eventually meet an end of full celebration for the arriving at ~ which we may not be able to see unless we go faithfully towards it. 

Immense beauty lies in our decision and tenacious keeping to a direction. One way to inspire the juicy hydration of your 2012 middle, is to join Vital Yoga’s  Winter Anusara Immersion with Madhuri Martin.  Until January 1st, save $300 with the early bird special.  Let Vital and Madhuri support your Vow, animate your middle and celebrate your potent, powerful, transformation toward an end into your next beginning.

Great Wonder,


The Dharma Queens

. . . "Amazing" . . . "incredible" . . . rhapsodic and hilarious" . . . "surreal" . . .  "ignites passion" . . .
"Hop on, let's go, and we are all better for the ride!"

Madhuri has teamed up with the outrageous genius of Judyth Hill.  Join us during our Winter 2012 tour:

• San Miquel De Allende • Mexico

And more soon to come . . . .

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The Dharma Queens
coming out Party!
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 with Madhuri and Judyth Hill

April 10th
Denver, Colorado

With Madhuri, Kimba and Crystal

Samadhi Yoga
Denver, Colorado
February 3rd

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Dharma Queens Tour
SPring 2012

The Dharma of Eloquence
April 10th
Denver, Colorado

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